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Pinoy Review: Ugot Bruncherie

Carrer Viladomat 138, Barcelona, Spain 08015
By Bryan | Updated: 11th Sep, 2019

Brunch — it’s the meal that many love to hate because of the ridiculous waitlist queue, crowded place at most. And if you get unlucky, prepare to get served mediocre. Did I mention the amount of caloric guilt after each meal?

Yet, it’s still a thing and I’d say a cultural phenomenon I look forward to every weekend.


I live in Barcelona and traditionally, brunch is not as common in here but brunch restaurants are now getting quite popular. Thanks to the growing influx of international tourists arriving in the city.

I’m quite particular with the quality of food and I’m always up to try new places that serves just that! It can either be my last or my new favourite weekend brunch place as it turns out. I’ll start my first review of Ugot Bruncherie.


First impression. The place is fab. It’s like an old french tea house filled with antique furniture and some fine china. Great interiors, great music! By the way, its name “Ugot” means cakes in Hebrew. Feast your eyes as you’ll get the sweet welcome of homemade cakes displayed at the counter.


I tried their famous Eggs Benedicts served over home-made brioche with smoked salmon and sides of oven-baked potatoes. The verdict — one of the best poached egg meal I tried so far! Thanks to the farm eggs from Calaf who keeps their chicken happy.


They also have weekend menu special, usually served over pancakes. Check out their menu here.

As they say, French toast is the champion of brunch. My guilty pleasure is overly satisfied with their fluffy French toast served with a fresh slice of fruits topped with cheese. The toast is sooo moist! And the mascarpone cheese is a perfect combo. Literally, I went to a state of euphoria.


The only flip side — as for all other go-to brunch — if you get there late, it’s ridiculously busy and crowded. Waitlist at around 20 to 30 minutes but it's worth the wait. Other than that, I got no issues coming back to this place. Great food, great service. I'd definitely recommend to my Filipino travelers here in Barcelona who loves having brunch!

Main Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ugot Bruncherie website.

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