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A Decade of Reflection

By Bryan | Published: 1st Jan, 2020

This is going to be a brief, casual post. It's ironic to see a (very) old draft of my blog some decade ago — still so relevant to this day. I wrote this on my last working day, very hopeful for another new year in Barcelona, Spain.

"12/20/09, 8:04 AM Next year, I´ll try to make an effort to have at least one blog each month. Next year, I´ll start traveling again. I´ll go to the gym. I´ll start sending postcards to my family. I´ll start writing a letter — snail mail. I´ll start saving money. I´ll finally buy my Macbook Pro! (oops!). Yes, will do. Next year. 2010."

Well, I've accomplished most of it. But between those lines, the truth is I often set personal goals aside and put others before me. Family, friends, colleagues — I tend to forget myself. That's my natural state, I guess.

So let me reflect on this old excerpt from my blog.

I still love to travel and will continue to do so. I will go to the gym more often. I guess sending postcards or snail mail is no longer relevant. Perhaps. I could still send one when I travel to a different city. I'd still want to save money. Early retirement.

I'm quite hopeful for a great 2020 and I'd like to start by being good to myself. A self-happiness list, if you may. And always remind me,

"Don't be so hard on yourself, Bryan."


  • Diane
    In life, we have only one duty: to grow. To invest in ourselves, to learn to love ourselves with the good, the bad and the ugly. To read, listen, watch as much as we can so we become better versions of ourselves. The faster we learn that putting ourselves first isn't selfish, the better.
  • Bryan
    Echoing those wonderful thoughts, Dianne. Putting yourself first isn't selfish — lovely.
  • Marco
    Live every moment and love yourself as you are, Bryan.
  • Bryan
    Thanks, Marco. Noted. :)
  • Tim
    I have thought back on these past 10 years and I know I let my happiness and health go down the drain. I took up an office job roughly 10 years ago so going to the gym, traveling, cooking at home, all that took a back seat. Now I am in my 30’s with back pain, weight gain, and stressed far too much. I am going to use this year to really make some changes in my life.

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